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View scott sumerton s profile on linkedin, the worlds largest professional community. This pulse software performs modal analysis by postprocessing data from. These include a versatile bridge measurement tool for industries ranging from aerospace and defence to industrial and automotive. As a worldleader in sound and vibration measurement and analysis, we use our core competences to help industry and governments solve their sound and vibration challenges so they can concentrate on their. Bruel kjaer 2608 for salemeasuring amplifierslaboratory. Manage your licenses for bk connect and pulse, measurement partner suite, and test for ideas, and download your bk connect and pulse software. This pulse software enables measurement of the output response and frequency response of electroacoustic transducers such as microphones and speakers. For information on other features, options and accessories click any relevant blue link.

Pulse data manager 7789 pulse t ime automotive t est manager asamods option pulse software 3644 nvh vehicle simulator 7698 sound quality 7752 noise source identification 7758 acoustic material testing 7759 advanced intensity analysis 7761 acoustic test consultant 7788 vehicle passby 7793 indoor passby 7799 sound power. Pulse source path contribution type 7798 spc bruel. Work more efficiently on a wide variety of environmental noise mapping projects with predictorlimas extraordinary calculation speed. Nastran fem calibrator on windows 7 notes test for ideas utilities lanxi frontend driver for ideas normal mode tuning with. This is done by right clicking on the transducer and selecting add signal. Get started on your vibration and acoustic diagnosis and analysis today. Corporate information legal notices privacy policies. Over 20 years of development and maturation of the pulse labshop software have resulted in a wide range of targeted applications. Technical information on logging option included in the bruel kjaer 2250 sound level meter. Innovative analysis software that provides stepbystep workflow and data analysis. New noise logger efficiently and reliably measures sound.

Bruel kjaer type 7451 type 3545a pass by ground station wlan zn0693 fast ship. Free bruel kjaer type 2270 software download software at updatestar 1,746,000 recognized programs 5,228,000 known versions software news. With an audio spectrum analyzer, measure frequency response, level and gain, phase intermodulation distortion, signaltonoise ratio, crosstalk, time domain display, and total harmonic distortion plus noise. We have tried to test this machine using bruel kjaer pulse frontend setup software. Has anyone used labview to control bruel and kjaer pulse. Battery is still functioning but we could not test on durability of the battery. Bruel kjaer 2608 products for sale at test equipment center are thoroughly tested, and receive electrical and cosmetic reconditioning as needed prior to sale. Its graphical interface makes it simple to download measurement records and display them in a spreadsheet program. Tested products with sentinel hasp hl dongle emulator. It is the worlds largest manufacturer and supplier of sound and vibration measurement equipment, systems and solutions. This page describes the bz 7227 reverberation time software option. Bruel and kjaer pulse noise and vibration analysis software if you want to download bruel and kjaer connect 22. Bruel kjaer type 7451 type 3545a pass by ground station.

Save time and reduce your investment in computing power with the versatile software. Bruel kjaer 2608 measuring amplifier and other measuring amplifiers for sale at test equipment center. Product data pulse reflex acoustic camera consisting of acoustic camera type9712wfen and pulse reflex array analysis type8781 pulse reflex acoustic camera is a complete system for realtime noise source identification nsi that can be used for both stationary and nonstationary measurements. To see the specifications for the various options available, click a link. Sound power level measurement is easily performed by acoustic determinator software, which finds the sound power level of industrial sources by measuring sound pressure levels in the field. Bruel and kjaer pulse noise and vibration analysis software year release date. Navigating the pulse tree where can you get information about the pulse tree. Details about bruel kjaer type 7451 type 3545a pass by ground station wlan zn0693 fast ship. I have it working to the point it will open the project and i can get it to take a measurement. Data acquisition system upgraded with bridge measurement. Ac output the linearlyweighted ac output enables you to make a direct calibrated recording on digital audio tape, for example, which can be used later for complete acoustical.

Source path contribution type 7798 spc enables the engineer to understand how sound and vibration are transmitted through both structureborne and airborne paths. S makes it easy for one person to make a sound intensity measurement from beginning to end. Modular precision sound level meter type 2231 is a type 1 precision instrument with a wide range of measurement capabilities. Environmental noise modeling and mapping software predictor. Now that the transducer is connected in the software, a signal needs to be allocated to this transducer. Bb1128 11 2238 mediator frequency analysis software bz7123 user manual 1. Successful execution of pulse labshop, reflex and bk connect software product planning, development and maintenance. I need to control the sound instensity portion with labview because i need to control some stepper motors also. This gui runs pulse labshop in the backround not visible through an activex server. It is convertible, a family of interchangeable modules enabling it to be used for numerous applications.

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