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It can also be used to apply samples directly on the column or for filling sample loops including superloop. General physics, heat transfer, thermodynamics and. If more than three pumps are needed or when the pumps get large, we should go to an offline booster pumping station. Form for inspection, testing and maintenance of electric fire pumps form date october 30, 2003 page 2e of 4. It receives new gears, shafts, bearings, end plates, seals and hardware. They can also be placed in an area of concern for collection an area sample. Ge healthcare pharmacia biotech akta fplc p960 sample. Inline booster pumping station two pumps in parallel this layouts is used when one pump is able to deliver the required head but not able to deliver the required flow. You will need to verify the 3 or 1 weep hole on the face plate to make sure you order the correct kit. In this course we will be considering motors which rotate spin mechanical power. Tutorial centrifugal pump systems by jacques chaurette p. Boost er pumps may be located anywhere in the an d a grading and drainage plan of the area syste m to increase the pressure in the pipeline.

The kit can also be used for the akta prime plus pump. The pumps can be used for loading samples larger than 50 ml, but for easy, routine handling of large sample volumes, sample pump p 960 is recommended. Manufacturing diaphragm pumps since 1971 air dimensions. Akta p 960 sample pump replacement orings for sample pump with 3 weep hole contains. The pump performance is governed by the impeller and casing design other mechanical components serve to seal, support and protect this hydraulic system of impeller and casing while the design of the rest of the pump is not. Air dimensions incorporated has more than 60 years of combined experience in the development, engineering and production of precision gas sampling diaphragm pumps and compressors. Chapter number rule name source or explanation of revisions chapter 6payment transactions europe region 6. A personal air sampling pump is the simplest piece of equipment used to collect a representative air sample. Unscrew purge valve half a turn and connect purge and draw approximately 10ml or until no air bubbles can be seen in the pump tubing and in the purge tubing. The choice of pump for a given application depends largely on how the pump headflow characteristics match the requirement of the system downstream of the pump. By entering w in the pump system ordering code, the shoulder strap and aluminum carrying case will be replaced by the waterproof carrying case. Data file 18111948 af chromatography systems aktapurifier. These sample pumps are equipped with a bellows madefromsolidptfe.

Contact the factory for more information about rebuilding a 960 pump. These pumps are generally small and have an internal battery so they can be worn during a typical workday and run without recharging for over 8 hours. The pump should be capable of drawing air through the sampler at the required flow rate for a set time period and constantly maintain that flow rate regardless of fluctuations in. P960 sample pump rebuild kit 3 weep hole kaydee tek. Step by step guide an introduction to air sampling air sampling basics. Our skilled vacuum technicians have an average of 20 years factory training experience to service most models and manufacturers equipment.

Apply diluted 960 heavy duty concrete cleaner freely to ensure complete coverage. We are the sole source for manufacture, sales, and service of the bennett sample pump. The ge p960 akta sample pump is a laboratory pump that lets users of the atka apply samples directly on the column, as well as fill samples and super loops. Please enquire with customer services on 01509 555500 for stock availability. The mechanical output of the motor p measured in watts. A pump fmea approach to improve reliability centered maintenance procedure. Pump p960 uses plungers and check valves for transporting the liquid. If this item is out of stock, delivery will be in 34 working days providing the item is in stock at the supplier. Emsar is your trusted leader in service of high vacuum equipment located in the heart of the boston metropolitan area. Washington state wic policy and procedure manual volume 1, chapter 15 breastfeeding. Mechanical engineering types and performance of pumps and compressors essam e. Bavar department of industrial engineering and center of excellence for intelligent experimental mechanics, faculty of engineering university of tehran, p. Section 6 fluid mechanics, pumps, piping, and hydro power part 1 fluid mechanics hydrostatics 6. Dwell time on the wall surface should be two to three minutes.

P960 sample pump rebuild kit 3 weep hole kdt18119497n. Npsh pump m npsh avl npsh system m p power consumption kw p z power consumption viscous medium kw p pressure bar p a pressure at the outlet cross section of a system bar p b air pressure ambient pressure bar p d vapour pressure of pumped liquids bar p e pressure at the inlet cross section of a system bar q flow rate m3h q z flow. Pump headflow curves are typically given for clear water. Ge healthcare sample pump p960 liquid chromatograph pumps. The impeller has a uniform blade length, b, of 2 in. Though it is not intended or expected, should any discrepancy occur between the document posted here and the document published in the federal register, the federal register publication controls. Water pump deep well moderate power 500 10 50 5 25 water pump dee p well higher powered 1100 10 50 11 55 a 100 watt bulb burning 10 hours uses only 1 kw. Akta p 960 sample pump replacement orings for the sample pump with 3 weep holes. In industrial systems, friction is not normally a large part of a pumps energy output. Detection of mitogenactivated protein kinase mapk activation upon exogenous chemical application in arabidopsis protoplasts. This document, concerning the energy conservation program. Horsepower is proportional to pump rpm at constant differential pressure friction losses a function of flow squared volume displacement is directly proportional to pump rpm. Slurry pump pumpsets 2 to 8 p20 slurry pump pumpsets 10 to 12 p21 onan petrol powered generator sets p22 engine parts p23 oil and coolant p24 terms prices are ex our works brisbane. Aktaexplorer am ers ha m bio scie nce am er sham bio ci n a m e r s h a m.

The motor of this sample pump can have its speed set separately of the temperature and load. Test procedure for pumps, is a rulemaking action issued by the department of energy. We are committed to the satisfaction of our users and to the education of the greater industry and provide many channels of support including. Khalil encyclopedia of life support systems eolss 1. Discharge through bypass flow meter directly returned to pump suction. Where sumps are used, they shall meet the requirements of sump pit 950. Frac 950 was placed in a chromatography refrigerator unichromat 2025. Centrifugal pumps the centrifugal pump produces a head and a flow by increasing the velocity of the liquid through the machine with the help of a rotating vane impeller. Our high quality pump uses a unique diaphragm that diffuses less than 0.

La960 series partica horiba scientific pdf catalogs. This portable document format \ pdf \ file contains bookmarks, thumbnails, and hyperlinks to help you navigate through the document. Ii group c,d sample pump module suitable for a wide range of previously impossible applications. Checklist of problems vvith centrifugal pumps and their causes. Personalarea sampling pump equipment applications enviro. Accessory equipment must be used to evacuate entrained air within the pump, such as an eductor, a hand primer, etc. Pumps and pumping system bureau of energy efficiency 118 figure 6. Motor sizing principles dublin institute of technology. In addition, where space is available, temporary sediment traps 960 shall be used to detain water and remove sediment from pumping and diversion operations. This tech brief examines how pump curves can provide data about a pump s ability to produce flow against certain head, shows how to read a typical centrifugal pump curve, and provides information about pump efficiency and brake horsepower. Industrial and laboratory equipment ebay shop add to favorites for any additional details, photos or expedited delivery please call or click ask a question at the bottomleft of listing descriptionhere is a ge healthcare pharmacia biotech akta fplc p 960 sample pump. What discharge and head will be produced at maximum e ciency if the pump size is 50 cm and the angular speed is 30 rps. Akta p 960 sample pump rebuild kit for sample pump with 3 weep hole contains. Used ge p960 akta liquid chromatographhplc for sale.

On construction jobs there is a need for a pump which has the ability to prime itself repeatedly, since the purpose of the pump is to keep the hole dry. The pumps can be used for loading samples larger than 50 ml, but for easy, routine handling of large sample volumes. The pump impeller and casing are the key components of all slurry pumps. A stepper motor provides a pumping action through plungers while still maintaining a low pulsation. Akta laboratoryscale chromatography systems sevier lab. Older motors and usa motors measure power in horse power hp. Used but fully restored with new seals and gaskets. Most of the literature available on this subject is complex in nature and tends to confuse those who have little experience in pumping technology.

Air operated submersible piston pump provides infinitely variable flow rate, for use in dedicated systems or equiped as portable unit. Ge healthcare p 960 sample pump akta fplc chromatography 18672700 2. Generally spoken, the pump is a device that conveys a certain volume of a specific liquid from point a to point b within a unit of. The case of centrifugal pumps in onshore industry a. Connect purge tubing with syringe to the purge valve.

Narayana pillai introduction the one hydraulic characteristic that is least understood by the people who maintain, or operate pumps is the net positive suction head npsh. Here is a ge healthcare p 960 sample pump akta fplc chromatography 18672700 2. Its flow rate is controlled and the pump pressure monitored from. A versatile multidimensional protein purification system with full. Original purchase order, invoice number, and invoice date of the product being returned must be given to flow ezy filters before a returned goods authorization rga number will be given. Flow rates and pressure ranges of p 900 series pumps. A coworker went and fucked my machine up doing who knows what, and the now the sample pump p 960 refuses to work. Aktapurifier ge healthcare life sciences pdf catalogs. The corrosive nature of the gas and the potential of condensate formation are the real challengesforanypump. The o160816 intake can be fitted with a 1mm, 2mm and 3mm woven steel mesh, or 60, 115 or 300 micron nylon aperture selfcleaning filter screens.

Do not allow cleaning solution to dry on the surface. Sample pump p960 is a singlechannel laboratory pump which can be connected to accomplish automatic sample application when using the same sample several times. The information provided in this document is given in good faith, but alfa laval is not able to accept any responsibility for the accuracy of its content, or any consequences that may arise from the use of the information supplied or materials described. Fundamentals of fluid mechanics chapter 12 pumps and turbines. This means that the sample must be a personal sample, e. Review different pump types commonly used understand the difference between centrifugal pumps and positive displacement pumps understand the working principle of the tuthill.

Ge healthcare akta p960 sample pump 18672700 w mounting. Sample pump buffer select valve v6 injection valve v1 reverse flow valve v7 outlet valve v4. Used ge healthcare p960 ge healthcare p960 sample pump. The pump size must conform to the flow rate, pressure, speed, suction conditons etc. The document revision information section is located at the end of this document. In order to calculate the average operating cost for any electrical appliance you can use the following formula. At least once every three years method a or b must be used. Checklist of problems vvith centrifugal pumps and their causes centrifugal pumps are one of the worlds most commonly used devices. This is the akta p 960 sample pump rebuild kit for the sample pump with 1 weep hole. Pump p 900 acid alkali buffer salt water proportion valve pump a mixer a2 a1 b2 b1 pump b.

Pump systems a and b may be ordered with a waterproof carrying case. Ge healthcare amersham pharmacia akta p960 sample pump. The ge p 960 akta sample pump is a laboratory pump that lets users of the atka apply samples directly on the column, as well as fill samples and super loops. Positive displacement pumps are those in which energy is imparted to the liquid in a fixed displacement volume, such as a casing or a cylinder, by the rotary motion of gears. The standard wet system offers a full package of a dispersant fill pump, liquid level sensor, circulation pump, 30 w inline ultrasonic probe, and drain valve, which is all software. Ge healthcare sample pump p960 liquid chromatograph pumps hplc instruments. P960 sample pump oring kit 3 weep hole and prime plus. Alternative methods of filling a bag without passing air through a pump can also be used. Mechanical equipment schedules supply air handling unit schedule unit number ahu1 to ahu4 all air handlers are identical unit location penthouse areas served all unit configuration drawthrough cfmfan 35,000 total s. For typical systems, it is around 25% of the total.

This kit was not made available by the original manufacture. As a manufacturer and supplier of centrifugal pumps and positive displacement pumps we offer the optimum for both applications. Anyone with experience with atka fplc hey, long time atka user here, hoping to get some help regarding an immediate problem. We have an updated privacy policy which outlines how we handle your data. Aktapurifier box monitor conductivity ph uv detector pumps injector buffers pump a buffer switching pump b valve. A pump fmea approach to improve reliability centered.

The pumps can be used for loading samples larger than 50 ml, but for easy, routine handling of large sample volumes, sample pump p960 is recommended. Pump p960 is a singlechannel pump for sample delivery. The development of mechanical pumps was intimately linked with the progress of vacuum science up to the middle of this century when the introduction of both the sputter ion pump and the sublimation pump provided an alternate method for the production of low pressure. Both pumps enable accurate, reproducible flow and gradient formation over a wide flow rate range fig 3. Amersham ge p960 p960 akta sample pump used, refurbished, service, repair.

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