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In the second half of the decade, royal robbins and others established the first lead climbs, on the slabbier buttresses on the front side of north mountain. The history of climbing at hueco tanks would require hundreds of pages, and include the birth of modern bouldering and the nowubiquitous vscale. A year later he died of a heart attack at the age of 49. Hueco tanks climbing and bouldering guide regional rock climbing series sherman, john on. You can access north mountain without a guide, or go into the backcountry on east mountain, west mountain, and the east spur which are only accessible with a guide. Chock full of inspiring action photos, this guide is sure to please. Campinglodging other than at hueco, food, guidebooks, guide services, internet camping at hueco huecotanks hq phone number other nearby climbing destinations hueco climbing history timeline nonenglish translations directions to hueco. Hueco tanks is a desert syenite paradise for all levels of boulderers, offering four major areas to climb and explore.

We also offer photography services during these tours if desired. Hueco tanks state park bouldering rock climbing texas regulations. Hueco tanks is comprised of 3 mountains and 1 spur a lateral offshoot of a mountain. A guide to over 300 climbs and bouldering routes at north americas premier winter climbing area. Nobody here gets out alive v2 barefoot on sacred ground v12 liane v11 hobbit in a blender v5 diabolique v notorious d. All new bouldering guide to hueco tanks features 850 problems in the north mountain area. Hueco tanks volume 1 north mountain wolverine publishing. You can request a volunteer tour to go into the backcountry east, east spur, west mountains for climbing or to see rock art through the headquarters at hueco tanks, 915 85715. The hueco tanks climbing history timeline is a work in progress. Climbing destination guide bouldering at hueco tanks. Hueco tanks climbing and bouldering guide regional rock. This online guide will focus on north mountain, since in the other areas youll have a guide and other people who can point out the problems. Hueco pronounced wheyco is literally the spanish translation for hollows, because the area is full of waterholding depressions, or what we as climbers call, huecos in the rock. Access to the park is restricted to protect its fragile resources.

Although many climbs in wilders guide are rated identically in shermans. If you are planning a climbing trip to hueco, check out the hueco info and tpwd sections. As time goes on, we are noticing an increasing amount of confusion in the climbing community and the general press about what really happened, not. Al george, a well known climber and mountain guide, has recently died. Schedule a bouldering, yoga, pictograph, or hiking tour at hueco tanks or email us at climbing. Call 512 3898911 to make a reservation to climb in the selfguided area. Students of climbing history will marvel at the problems established without crash pads by john sherman and bob murray, and the standarddefining contributions of fred nicole and chris sharma. In 1991, sherman published a bouldering guide including over 1,000. Spanish, french, italian, chinese, japanese, french, german and portuguese. The bouldering guidebook climbing and bouldering guide hueco tanks by john sherman dates back to 1995. Climbing in hueco tanks, hueco tanks mountain project. From the maze proper the gunks are across the small meadow walking further into the spur, and up the hill towards the left. North mountain selfguided, west and east mountain, and east spur. Hueco tanks climbing and bouldering guide by john sherman.

Much has changed at hueco since the 2004 first edition of this book. V9 babyface v7 dry dock v7 see continue reading hueco tanks classic climbs. Printed in color it features over 300 photographs showcasing almost every area in the. The daily entrance fee is charged in addition to any facility fees, unless otherwise stated. Hueco tanks is one of those climbing destinations that if you enjoy bouldering should be high on your list of places to climb at. Bring a fingernail clipper, an emory board, climbing tape, and maybe even some super glue. Blue lizard climbing and yoga hueco tanks guide service. North mountain has the most dense bouldering but access requires a reservation. Hueco climbing history timeline thanks for visiting our website.

It contains about 20 pages of practical information regarding the bouldering area of hueco tanks. H m h hueco mountain hut hueco tanks climbing shop. The ranch is, hands down, the best place to stay if youre climbing in hueco. It wont be easy climbing and it is guaranteed to challenge you and make you work for it, but if youre lucky youll get a send in one of the most epic bouldering locations in the united states. It is unique for its rock type, the concentration and quality of the climbing. Take advantage of our discounted inshop gear specials. East and west mountain also offer amazing climbing, but you are required to have a guide to gain entrance to those mountains. Forrest was a commercial artist, who had discovered and. Find rock climbing routes, photos, and guides for every state, along with reallife experiences and advice from fellow climbers. Volunteer tours offer a cheaper way to access the backcountry. It is located in a highaltitude desert basin between the franklin mountains to the west and the hueco mountains to the east. Nalle hukkataival from finland has just returned to helsinki after a short trip to hueco tanks in texas, usa where despite the unusal high winter temperatures the 23 year old mamanged to send an impressive. Hueco is a spanish word meaning hollows and refers to the many waterholding depressions in the boulders and rock faces throughout the region.

Climbing activity on hueco tanks unique, featured syenite porphyry dates back to the 1950s with the texas western college now utep kliff climbers toproping at the area. Hueco tanks is also widely regarded as one of the best areas in the world for bouldering that is, rock climbing low enough to attempt without ropes for protection. Request a tour by calling 915 8496684 before your visit. Hueco tanks is the birthplace of the bouldering grade rating system v and a bouldering mecca. The descriptions and topos make it possible to find even the most remote climbs. Showers, communal hang out area, and good company around the fire are included. Heres how daniel woods had his best climbing day ever in hueco. On your first trip, dont get frustrated if you end up climbing one to two grades below your gym grade. North mountain phase1 30% complete our goal is to provide a comprehensive online reference of every known boulder problem and route at hueco tanks.

Hiking, picnicking, rock climbing, camping, interpretive tours, birding and annual special events are among the available activities. It is very extensive, has great directions and pictures. Subarea photo photo copy approachdescent trail book. On a quick visit to hueco tanks, finnish climber nalle hukkataival made the first ascent of the machinist v and tequila sunrise v. My buddy keith allan has been taking me out on tours each day. In this book john sherman has produced the quintessential guidebook for climbers wanting to go to the pinnacle of climbing hueco tanks. Hueco tanks bouldering faq blue lizard climbing and yoga. The book has sections covering the geology, wildlife, natural, cultural and climbing history of hueco tanks, inspirational essays by fred nicole, john sherman, todd skinner, liv sansoz, and scott milton, and all the beta on hueco s new rules and regulations. The only problem might be when one area is referenced in its relationship to a previous area of which the reader might not be. The rock is amazing, bullet hard and sharp on the digits. Hueco tanks holds meaning for diverse groups of visitors. It was the last field trip forrest was fated to make. Hueco tanks state park, texas classic rock climbs, no. Drop by and visit our gear factory on the way to the crag.

Experience worldclass rock climbing at hueco tanks. Sutherland, kay, rock paintings at hueco tanks state historical park. Matt wilders hueco tanks guidebook from wolverine publishing is the best resource for routes. Front side is a online guidebook dedicated entirely to roped routes get access. This classic line is apparently oftrepeated but certainly not soft. Paperback in this book john sherman has produced the quintessential guidebook for climbers wanting to go to the pinnacle of climbing hueco tanks.

Hueco tanks is a historical site comprised of three monumental granite outcroppings whose many nooks and crannies retain water between rains and which have been contested, often violently between ancient peoples to the modern day. However among boulderers it is stilll considered as the definitive book for bouldering and climbing in this area. Climbing destination guide bouldering at hueco tanks state park. Please call the park or park information 18007921112 for the latest updates. Simply put, hueco tanks in west texas has some of the best bouldering in the country. Bouldering in the gunks, hueco tanks mountain project. We took on north mountain, climbed some classics, and did some amateur dancing. The hueco rock ranch offers climbers a friendly place to stay while spending time at hueco tanks. I arrived in hueco tanks one week ago and have been climbing as much as my skin can handle. A texas state park pass will allow you and your guests to enjoy unlimited. This is a video of the incredible week my friends and i had during our first trip to hueco. You must book tours a minimum of one week in advance by calling 915 8496684. The book has sections covering the geology, wildlife, natural, cultural and climbing history of hueco tanks, inspirational essays by fred nicole, john sherman, todd skinner, liv sansoz, and scott milton, and all the beta on huecos new rules and regulations.

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