Jay a-jays five earphones for windows

Sign up for emails and save 10% on your first purchase. You never need to look for any button as it comes with jays smartfeel convexconcave buttons for perfect grip and feel. The ajays are tangle free simply because of the flat style of cable, but the five offers up a custom driver along a cable made for different styles of devices. The obvious fifth installment to its popular bassheavy earbuds, this model is. Get the best deal for jays ajays five windows wired headset at. Best price online for jays ajays five windows wired headset is. The ajays three earphones themselves come along with five different silicone tips, a hard plastic carrying case, an aeroplane adaptor and a stereo splitter. For the uninitiated, jays is a nofrills, stylish swedish brand that makes affordable earphonesusually in allwhite or allblack. Distinctive cable, earbuds for every size using a flat, wide cable means that the stylish ajays one earphones are perfect for music on the go. In the recent times, the brand has recently newer headphones models and introduced. Ajays five earphones with mic remote for windows mobile. Our ajays five for windows is not only one of the worlds first windows dedicated fullfeature earphones, the remote on the ajays five for windows is also amazingly thin, extremely solid and very comfortable to use. Swedish manufacturer of awardwinning hifi headphones or earphones, jays presents the ajays five earphones.

Design in sweden, the jays ajays five are a tanglefree style of earphone released under the ajays lineup, which is itself a tangle free inearphone lineup. Android, and windows smartphone platforms, and the kind of product. This earphones set can also come with builtin controls and mic. The ajays five for windows are one of the worlds first windows dedicated fullfeature earphones made. While the ajays three are not marketed as noise canceling, the. Models like the jays tfour wireless and the jays ajays five and more are widely loved by fans and with the way jays is going, the future offerings are well poised to enthrall and impress. Jays have produced a stunning looking range of earphones. And it works just make sure you have the right version. The jays ajays five is compatible with android, windows and apple. Jays ajays five windows wired headset best price in india. The latest to join the line up is the jays five which comes in different versions to suit apple products, android and windows.

Oh my god, i think there must be an abundance of stylistengineers over in sweden. The ajays series of mobile headsets are very popular amongst the lifestyle segment of casual music listeners. The jays ajays five are inear headphones with remotes optimised for iphones, androids and windows mobiles. The ajays five for windows set a new standard for earphones. The ajays five for android set a new standard for earphones.

With one of the first made for windows fullfeature threebutton remotes, attached to a flat tanglefree cable, you can answerend calls, playpauseskip songs, and adjust volume levelsvoice control. Product title jays t00098 ajays five earphones for windows white. Upgrade your music experience with tangle free earphones from our awardwinning ajays series. However, we had difficulty getting them to fit securely, and that. Our original u jays cable module with threebutton remote and mems microphone technology for ios devices. Hey, im justin yu with and these are the jays ajays four stereo earphones. Designed for clarity, these earphones are a stepup on the standard earphones supplied with most smartphones. Such is the case with the jays ajays four earphones.

Buy jays ajays five ios inear headphones at audiogurus. Our original u jays cable module with threebutton remote. There are no products matching your selected filters. Your email address will never be sold or distributed to a third party for any reason.

Not that many are available for all three big platforms, and in fact there may be only one. We designed them to be the best solution for your windows phone we could think of. Uncompromising earphones and headphones, designed in sweden. We cover the spectrum with many variations inbetween. We designed and developed the ajays five for ios to be the best solution for your iphone we could think of. The jays solution is to make three dedicated versions of the ajays five. The ajays five for ios are made to match your iphone, ipad and ipod and let you enjoy and get as much out of them as possible. Jays t00098 ajays five earphones for windows white.

Here at, we are committed to protecting your privacy. Superstylish design meets flexibility, with the jays ajays five. Right away, when listening to the ajays five you notice two things 1they have nice, punchy bass. Features a 3 button remote to answerhang up calls, playpause, skip songs or change volume updown. Available in black on black, black on gold, white on silver, white on gold. After trying all five sizes of supplied tips, i just couldnt get a decent seal, thus little bass. The worlds first earphones in three versions for ios, windows and android. No matter how you like it, theres a perfect fit for you. Jays to launch ajays five earbuds with dedicated ios, windows and android versions. Jay franco fortnite neon stripe 5 piece full bed set includes. As well as making the earphones look more stylish, the cable is far less likely to tangle.

Made for android devices with a fullfeature threebutton remote attached to a flat tanglefree cable, you can answerend calls, playpauseskip songs, and adjust volume levelsvoice control. Jays ajays four offers a nifty design, mixed ergonomics, and a relaxed, smooth sound, along with an iphonecompatible inline remotemic module. The packaging on these this are what ive come to expect from jays, by that i mean freaking amazing. Jays premium quality earphones, headphones and apps. The swedish headphone maker jays ab publ is launching. As you might have heard before, one shouldnt stick to the earphones that come with the phones, because it is possible to have good sound quality on earbuds too for those that are concerned about portability.

Precision audio with custom designed drivers, the ajays five deliver a lively sound with punchy bass and naturalsounding vocals. I had been using the stock earphones with my android phone for a year and hated the awful feel of them and so decided for an upgrade. Should the ajays five be your next ios, android or windows inear headphones with enriched integrated headset functionality. The sound produced by the driver in these earphones is absolutely perfect for all ranges and genres of music. The ajays five for ios are made to match your iphone, ipad. Jays latest inear headphone, the ajays five, offer great style and. Jays includes everyone with new ajays five in a new concept. New no box jays ajays five headphones with control. Receive monthly deals and discounts on your favorite home audio products. With our custom driver, durable aluminum and thermoplastic materials with a fullfeature threebutton remote and advanced mems technology for bestinclass speech performance, were proud to say. There are no accessories matching your selected filters.

Jays has released the latest instalment in its ajays range of earbuds, the top of the line ajays five, and they are an impressive piece of kit. Jays latest inear headphone, the ajays five, offer great style and sound excellent, with just the right amount of bass boost. They are available in black or white, and in three different versions for ios, android, and windows. Jays includes five pairs of silicon tips to make sure these earphones fit most users. Shop jays t 00093 a jays five earphones for android black.

The good the jays ajays four earphones have an executive, durable design, and come with a tanglefree flat cord and unobtrusive threebutton iphone remote the bad the wide earbud housing can be. The a a jay, tjay 1s are a good every day headphone with a far above average sound signature, this being said the newer models seem to. Jays five in ear earphones headphones for apple iphone ipad black. Jays ajays five windows wired headset is a good headphone and headset from jays with some cool features. The ajays one earphones give you all this for less than you might think. Good headphones are now a dime a dozen, but how many are actually designed to control windows phone. The ajays five earphones are the brands latest line of portable and tanglefree earphones, made to work well with the mobile devices, especially if you are on the go. Im not entirely sure i got that with the ajays five.

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